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How to Get Google Featured Snippet

How to Get Google Featured Snippet | Optimization Guidelines

It's no secret that featured snippets are quite effective. In this digital marketing era, every SEO practitioner strives to possess all accessible featured snippets for their content. These extended, informative search results are shown prominently at or near the top of the search results page (SERP). Indeed! Optimizing for featured snippets (FS) can assist Google in realizing whether your website is the best response for a relevant query that includes one of these search characteristics. This blog will outline tried and tested techniques for optimizing featured snippets. So, read on!

What Exactly Are Featured Snippets?

The useful material appearing immediately after the adverts and sponsored posts in Google's search engine result pages is featured snippets. If the search query drew sponsored advertising, they would display above the snippet, which is the first organic result. Because it is focused on meeting user intent, Google displays what it considers high-quality material in this section.

Optimization of Featured Snippets

The featured snippet is still one of the most valuable contents on the SERPs. They allow your site to fast get to the top of search results, even if "conventional rankings" would position it on the first page. To optimize for featured snippets, follow these steps:

• Include a "What is" header

• Make use of the "is" sentence construction

• Define the issue completely

• Match featured snippet format

• Don't use your company's name

• Don't use first-person pronouns

• Also, Iterate on your improvements

The featured snippet appears to use a simpler algorithm than Google's "primary." Simple one-page changes that clearly describe the topic to visitors greatly affect the featured snippet.

How Should Feature Snippets Be Optimized? Few Optimization Guidelines!

The quick answer is that it is complicated.To begin, it is critical to realize that you cannot convince Google to utilize your material for a featured snippet - the search engine determines which pages are qualified for featured snippets and which are not. Second, due to the multiple dynamic ranking signals and algorithms, featured snippets tend to change, disappear, and reappear over time. Here is how to get Google featured snippets.

Optimize for Long Tail Keywords & Direct Questions

Long-tail keywords or question-like inquiries typically result in featured snippets in SERPs. According to research by Ahrefs, most featured snippets in Google Search are presented for lengthier keywords or direct questions. By optimizing your sites for long-tail keywords and questions, search engines can use them as potential answers and present them as featured snippets for specific queries. Unfortunately, Google does not provide an official tool for webmasters to determine which keywords trigger featured snippets in the SERPs. To do featured-snippet keyword research, you'll need a software like KWFinder.

Elevate your Ranking

To "win" a featured snippet, your page must rank in the top ten search results for the provided keyword. According to Ahrefs research, Google only employs featured snippets for pages that rank somewhere on the first page of the SERP.

This may appear alarming, but remember that Google is continually striving to deliver the most dependable and trustworthy answers for its consumers - which can only be accomplished by employing top-ranking pages with high authority and quality content. Fortunately, there are several strategies to update and optimize your content to increase your Google Search ranks.

Being a digital marketing company, you may go through ideas for improving your on-page SEO while offering a great user experience again:

• Diagnose SEO issues and remove any penalties

• Image optimization

• Practice internal linking and external linking to high-quality sites.

• Make your website mobile-friendly and speedy.

• Make your website simple to use and crawl.

• If you still utilize the HTTP protocol, upgrade to SSL.

• Use easy-to-remember URLs.

• Keep your content fresh by targeting it with search intent.

• Also, make your page legible and easy to use.

Address Similar Questions in Your Content

According to Ahrefs, once a page is featured, it will likely be featured for various related searches. In this scenario, attempt to answer similar questions in your material. Make sure your post is well-structured to answer relevant inquiries.

Improve the Structure and Headings Of Your Page

Undoubtedly, It is essential to have a clear page structure. On-page SEO best practices include using one H1 tag for the page's title and H2 and H3 tags for subheadings, and

for content. Google must accurately analyze a website before extracting text for highlighted snippets; therefore, making the crawler's job simpler helps in this regard.

Respond To 'People Also Ask' Questions

Providing precise answers to queries people ask on Google is one approach to boost your chances of receiving a featured snippet. To be more specific, when you put a query into Google and scroll down the screen, you will see a section named 'People Also Ask.' These queries/questions are ideal candidates for being featured in a snippet.

Organize Queries based on Content Structure

As we all know, Google values paragraphs, lists, and tables in well-structured material. As a result, you should structure your material accordingly. Users should be able to find what they need in your material by using lists. Moreover, answers should be introduced in paragraphs by listing them with descriptive names and numbers. You should also provide comparative charts and tables.

Include Images with Appropriate ALT TEXT

This is only one of the essential features, but having at least one image on the page with relevant ALT text is a good idea. Google displays a picture next to the text in all tested circumstances; however, as shown below for the query 'content marketing,' the image originates from a separate domain. Perhaps the image was originally part of the content marketing institute website. Google included it as a featured snippet since it presently ranks first when you search 'content marketing' on Google images. To be secure, ensure you always have a relevant image with appropriate ALT text.


Since sites with featured snippets dominate search searches and this trend continues, you should begin taking advantage of them. Remember that winning a featured snippet necessitates ranking for the zero position, which indicates that you have the top ranking without adverts. Every company wishes to employ strategies to improve its website rankings in this digital marketing era. You should keep thinking about featured bits and try your best to make it happen! The above mentioned optimization guidelines can help you in this regard.

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